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What's In a Name?


The name "Baruke" is derived from a Hebrew word meaning "blessed", or "welcomed".  Music is a very special blessing from our Creator.  As creations in His image we are uniquely blessed with the drive and the talents necessary to express ourselves creatively.

I believe we have a responsibility to use the talents and the passion He has blessed us with in a way that will “bless” Him in return.

My commitment to offering the finest quality instruments available is rooted in a determination to conduct myself, as an artist and a craftsman, in a manner that will bless God by reflecting His creative presence in my life.  I hope that each Baruke guitar made will in some way inspire others to be a blessing with their music.

If you have an interest in knowing more about how to experience God's blessing of peace through faith in His son Jesus Christ, please feel free to contact me.





"...the guitars that Allen produces are EXACTLY how an acoustic should sound. The quality is undeniable, the tone is perfect, and the old school way he hand-builds everything is exactly how I want my guitar to be."


Atlanta, GA

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