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John Scott Evans performing on his Baruke Aurielle.  The song is "Cascadia" from his album, "Above the Sun".

John Scott Evans performing  on his Baruke Psalmist.  The song is "Allen's Town" from his album, "Above the Sun".

Daniel Ecke playing a Baruke Psalmist accompanied by Skip Ecke on a Jericho.

Andrew on his Baruke Jubilee playing "Bye Bye Baby Blues".

Curtis Jones putting a Baruke Jericho through its paces.

"I picked my guitar up at Maple Street Guitars in Atlanta. I played nearly everything in the store from Goodall, Collings, Lowden, Martin, etc., and the Baruke stood out the most. When I went in the store that day I had never heard of a Baruke guitar, but I left the store with it in hand. ...The sound and craftsmanship are incredible. The secret of the Baruke is bound to get out one of these days, and more people will own these things!"

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