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The Baruke Guitar Shop


The Baruke Guitar Shop is a full service guitar shop owned and operated by Allen Williams. Allen provides all levels of repair and maintenance for acoustic and electric guitars, bass guitars, banjos and mandolins.  Services offered range from basic repairs and setups to complete restorations, and include fret work, pickup installations, neck resets, structural repairs and finish work. 


At Baruke Guitars a complete line of acoustic guitars consisting of five models.  Each guitar is individually handcrafted and can be customized to meet one's own desires and requirements.   In addition Allen builds electric guitars and basses on a custom order basis.


An article containing a brief bio of Allen's, as well as an account of Baruke Guitar's history, can be found at the link below.


 "Gainesville man's love of music, woodworking a blessing for others" by Kristen Morales, Gainesville Times

I have been working in the music business for more than 35 years, and I can say without a doubt that I have never come in contact with anyone more gifted at his craft or with a bigger heart than Allen Williams! I have been playing one of his Jubilee model guitars for more than 10 years, and couldn't be happier with it. And it is always the rage with audio engineers, both live and studio. Allen knows how to build guitars - top shelf guitars. Hold onto for life guitars. And he is absolutely great to work with on a personal level. If you're in the market, you definitely have to check out Baruke Guitars. You'll be glad you did!

- Michael Gleason, Songwriter

and Producer.



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