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The Minstrel


The Minstrel is a pure joy to play. With similar dimension to a 000 size, the Minstrel is the smallest guitar in the Baruke line. By making subtle, yet critical adjustments to brace placement and by voicing the top in relation to the specific body size, we are able to produce a small guitar with a big sound and character.


The Minstrel is available with either a 12th fret or a 14th fret neck to body joint.


Body depth: 3.8" at tail block, 3.3" at heel block

Body width: 14 .75" lower bout, 10.25" upper bout, 9" waist

Body length: 18.75"

Overall length: 38.8"

"I picked my guitar up at Maple Street Guitars in Atlanta. I played nearly everything in the store from Goodall, Collings, Lowden, Martin, etc., and the Baruke stood out the most. When I went in the store that day I had never heard of a Baruke guitar, but I left the store with it in hand. ...The sound and craftsmanship are incredible. The secret of the Baruke is bound to get out one of these days, and more people will own these things!"

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