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The Jubilee


The Jubilee is the original and most popular bodystyle offered by Baruke Guitars. The Jubilee has a fullness of sound and volume expected from a guitar this size, but also possesses excellent note separation and a strong attack, making it the ideal choice for anyone wanting a single guitar for a variety of styles.


The Jubilee's body size is comparable to what is often referred to as a small jumbo.


Body depth: 4.6" at tail block, 4" at heel block

Body width: 16.15" lower bout, 11.5" upper bout, 9.8" waist

Body length: 20"

Overall length: 40.75"

"I've had a Baruke Jubilee for about a year now, and that guitar is phenomenal. The low end is like no guitar I've ever heard before, yet the tone is so even."

online reviewer

Atlanta, GA


"I too am a proud Baruke owner. Mine is a Redwood/Rosewood Jubilee Artisan. It is sooooo rich and deep in tone. A friend played it the other day and said it is like the male of the guitar species."

online review

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