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Introducing the new Baruke JSE Signature Stage Custom Aurielle

As a recording artist and sessions player in demand in Nashville and LA, John Scott Evans has been an ardent representative for Baruke Guitars since 2004.  He has  played his Baruke Aurielle on countless recordings and sound tracks and has toured extensively across the globe with his Baruke Psalmist.  John expressed a desire for a guitar based on the Aurielle platform that would maintain the Aurielle's outstanding tonal characteristics and, by reducing the body depth slightly, offer some additional comfort and control onstage.   The new JSE Stage Custom meets and exceeds all expectations.  John had this to say about it, "A one of a kind hybrid nylon string guitar handmade by the extraordinary luthier Allen Williams. Allen's guitars combine effortless playability and exquisite beauty and craftsmanship."


The JSE Stage Custom, like the Aurielle is a nylon string guitar perfectly suited for the guitarist accoustomed to the feel of  a steel string guitar.  In addition to the radiused fretboard, 14 fret neck joint and 1.8 inch nut, the JSE Stage Custom features a body depth of 3.5 inches and is designed for optimum comfort and control while performing onstage.  It is equipped with a L.R. Baggs Anthem SL Classic system, a specially designed feedback soundhole cover from, select tonewoods, Ebony fretboard, Rosewood bridge and  D'Addario Pro Arte Strings.


Body depth: 3.5" at tail block, 3.125" at heel block

Body width: 15.4" lower bout, 11" upper bout, 9.4" waist

Body length: 19.5"

Overall length: 40.2"

"In my opinion Baruke Guitars are the best guitars ever made! The most complete tonally and the most flawless execution in terms of playing performance and comfort. If you want a guitar that removes all performance obstacles so that your playing shines through and makes you sound better than ever, purchase a Baruke! With Baruke, you are not simply just buying a guitar, you are joining a family and a guitar legacy."  

-John Scott Evans




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