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The Jericho


The Jericho is Baruke's response to requests received for a dreadnought bodystyle. The Jericho has a slightly rounder profile reminiscent of the slope shouldered dreadnoughts of yesteryear.


The Jericho is designed for the player in need of a cannon that can be played hard and loud.  It possesses the punch and volume necessary to cut through a mix, yet maintains the tonal signature players have come to associate with the Baruke sound.


Body depth: 4 .62" at tail block, 4" at heel block

Body width: 15 .7" lower bout, 11.5" upper bout, 10.5" waist

Body length: 20"

Overall length: 40.75"

I have been working in the music business for more than 35 years, and I can say without a doubt that I have never come in contact with anyone more gifted at his craft or with a bigger heart than Allen Williams! I have been playing one of his Jubilee model guitars for more than 10 years, and couldn't be happier with it. And it is always the rage with audio engineers, both live and studio. Allen knows how to build guitars - top shelf guitars. Hold onto for life guitars. And he is absolutely great to work with on a personal level. If you're in the market, you definitely have to check out Baruke Guitars. You'll be glad you did!

- Michael Gleason, Songwriter

and Producer.



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